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What makes our personal training experience different?

Our personal trainers operate on a much more personal basis than the average fitness trainer. Each member receives a physical evaluation and personalized exercise program based on the goals the client wants to achieve. We focus primarily on one-on-one instruction with sessions that come in half and full hour packages.

Never wait to use equipment at our private health club. A maximum of two members exercising at the same time ensures that you will never wait to use our exercise equipment.

Carol White has accrued a vast sum of knowledge in her 25+ years in the fitness industry. She hands down her real world experience and knowledge to both her employees and her clients. Carol shows you how to exercise properly, but also gives insights on other ways we can improve our quality of life. Carol’s advice on a healthy diet and knowledge of nutrition combined with high quality physical training gives the client a more comprehensive fitness experience.

Let’s Review:

Private Gym – Personalized Exercise Programs

Private Yoga Sessions- Basic but Challenging

25 Years in the Fitness Industry

Quality Fitness Equipment – No Waiting.

Affordable Workout Without an Audience!

One Hour Sessions

12 Session Package
8 Session Package

Half Hour Sessions

12 Session Package
8 Session Package

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